Install Windows applications graphically in Linux with Wine


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Sometimes it's difficult to deal with Linux when you have been using Windows for lots of years and now you don't find a certain application to do some tasks you used to do on Windows.

That's the reason why Wine is so successful, because it allows you to run Windows applications on Linux. Now we offer you Wine Doors, an useful application to install Windows applications when running Linux.

Wine-Doors features a list of Windows supported programs, there, you can choose the one you want to install and the program will do the rest.

Internet Explorer, 7zip, Opera, Firefox, Winamp, Dreamweaver, Flash, Winrar or Quicktime are supported by Wine-Doors, so if you usually miss some Windows applications when using Ubuntu, try Wine and Wine-doors and enjoy again.

Distribution: [url=]Ubuntu 9.10[/url].

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